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This is the service-selection screen I helped to build for AJE, consolidating service offerings, pricing & timeline information on a single page.  Another team member built the graphical layout.  I wrote the SQL queries and PHP code which feed live pricing and service options to this interface as JavaScript arrays.
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Stay In Mammoth was a reservation and booking system, for condominiums in the Mammoth Mountain resort area of California.  This was tied together with sibling companies for fly fishing guides (summer) and snowboard/skiing equipment rentals (winter).  Design work was done by Shane Finnerty, while I provided all the code and database support for their online systems.
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LexisNexis was having complaints from users, that they would perform a search only to find (at the result screen) that the source data was outside their subscription, with access denied. was indexing over 30,000 sources at that time, for over 1.5 Million users.  Account info was housed on a mainframe, and it was nearly impossible to anticipate…
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