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LexisNexis was having complaints from users, that they would perform a search only to find (at the result screen) that the source data was outside their subscription, with access denied. was indexing over 30,000 sources at that time, for over 1.5 Million users.  Account info was housed on a mainframe, and it was nearly impossible to anticipate a subscriber's permissions until a search was conducted.  So I built a database feed which consolidated from various data sources into a MS SQL database, each night.  At customer login, we would color-code all their search links:  Red for paid-per-use, Blue if within their subscription, Grey and disabled when inaccessible.  This landing page with colorized links loaded in under 1/10 of a second, thanks to great database indexing.  Customers could contact Sales to add missing sources to their subscription.  It was a huge time-saver for customers and boosted Sales & Marketing.

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