Programmer • Integrator • Analyst

Worked to improve the AJE web application which receives scientific papers submitted from a global community of researchers, accepts payment for publishing services, and then follows each paper through its life-cycle of translation, editing, annotation and illustration, review, certification and publication.  More than 85% of AJE employees hold advanced degrees due to the nature of this work, so ours was a singularly gifted team.  I learned a ton, including Zend MVC framework, Atlassian collaboration tools such as Jira and HipChat, Git with Gerrit for code review, Jenkins continuous integration server, and other resources for agile PHP development.  I killed lots of bugs, coded a new product-selection interface which shortened checkouts by consolidating plans & pricing, and wrote a WordCount macro 3x faster and 13% more accurate than prior machine analysis for the text content of submitted papers.

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